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2 x Milestonepods

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The pod clips easily to your shoe and begins to collect data as soon as it sense movement. You don’t need to do anything, simply lace up your shoes and get out the door!

You don’t need to run with your phone for the data to be collected. The pod will begin recording and once you get back home you can sync with your phone to check out the data for you run.

Some great things about the pod:

  • It runs on a watch battery so there is nothing to remember to recharge. Keep it on your shoe and it’s ready to go anytime you want to go and run.
  • No need for GPS signal or to run with a phone. The pod uses sensors and an accelerometer so you don’t need to wait for signal to get out and go.
  • Discover your foot strike (heel/Mid/toe), cadence, stride length, leg swing, rate of impact, pace, distance, and more
  • Syncs directly with your phone via bluetooth. It can store up to 20 hours of running/walking.
  • Get new shoes? Don’t worry! You can reset your pod via the app on your phone and set it up on your new shoes. It even saves your run history! Nothing is lost.
  • Wirelessly syncs with the free Milestone Pod app available for iOS and Android
  • Just clip it on and go. No buttons, no recharging, no GPS signal needed

Let’s look a little more in depth at what information the pod gives you from each of your runs:

Cadence – This is the average number of times your foot hits the ground in one minute. The ideal cadence is 180 strides per minute. As a typical rule of thumb as your cadence increases your speed will increase as well.

Stride Length – We all know the importance of your stride when running, your stride length tells you the average length one of your strides. The definition of “stride” is the distance between your left and right foot touching the ground. While you can increase your speed by increasing your stride length, but must be careful not to make the mistake of over-striding which can increase your chance of injury.

Ground Contact – Ground contact is measured in milliseconds and measures the amount of time your foot spends on the ground. Obviously as your speed increases the amount of time your foot spends on the ground decreases. Elite runners typically have a ground contact of around 200 ms.

Leg Swing – This measures how high you can get your foot off the ground towards your butt. The higher your leg swing the less work/less energy you are losing during the run.

Foot Strike – Foot strike is how and where you foot hits the ground. The app will show whether your land on your heel, mid-foot, or toe. It is ideal to have a mid-foot strike but every runner is different and form drills are a great way to work on your foot strike.

Rate of Impact – Every time you land your are putting impact on your legs and your body in general. The rate of impact measures the amount of time your body has to deal with the ground force. The lower the impact the more time your body has to spread the force out evenly.

Runficiencey – The pod takes all of your information and gives you a runficiency “grade” for each run. The more efficient you are the better


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